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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

PDF to Google

While Lance and I were checking out his latest cut of a dialog for multi-point georegistration, JB hacked his plug-in source to kick off a Google maps search based upon the current cursor position in a GeoPDF. Oh, to see the reaction when the Google map came up dead on. JB's a believer now. No reason we couldn't do it for Topozone, TerraServer, MS TerraServer... you name it.


Anonymous MTUCache said...

I found this link through JB's blog... and I've got to say that I think I'm falling in love with you guys.

Being a surveyor, an engineer, dealing with all sorts of GPS applications and geodetic calculations, and the drawings/maps/projects that they deal with, and being an avid geocacher, I must state this has some amazing applications.

It's pretty refreshing to see some computer app guys who understand the difference between map projections, relative scale, and horizontal datums. All to often the two fields don't mix well, and we're left with either a bunch of data we can't do anything with, or a bunch of apps that don't really make any progress.

Unfortunately, I'm not totally up on my firm's GIS capability at the moment and how this type of utility could be used.... but I'm going to find out. Any published material/sites/downloads you guys could point me to that I could pass on to others? Something that's got layman's lingo (for the bosses) and some technical stuff as well?

In the meantime, I'm going to be checking back in here to watch you guys make some good progress. ;)

4:21 PM EST

Blogger George Demmy said...


Thanks for the great comments! Let us know what you need, what you love, what you hate, what makes your life easier, and what's getting in your way. This is all about you and making you more productive, and have more fun in the process. I'd love to hear about how we could make things more fun for geocachers -- that sounds like a hoot! Of course, surveying and engineering, yeah, that's important, too... ;)

9:05 AM EST

Blogger George Demmy said...


I'm going to root around and put together what resources I can, and will post a top level post with whatever I can find for you to show to your folks.

9:11 AM EST


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