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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Intelligence Operations with LiveCycle and GeoPDF

Adobe on Intelligence gathering with the GeoPDF...
Department of Defense and Intelligence

Nowhere is the accurate and timely sharing of information more important than within the agencies that run defense and intelligence operations. From military strategic plans to training programs for deployed troops to top secret dossiers on potential threats, information is the cornerstone of citizen protection. With lives literally at stake, these agencies need to collect, analyze, and disseminate information as quickly as possible, while preventing it from falling into the wrong hands.
Bobby Caudill, a solution architect from Adobe, has created an excellent example of how the GeoPDF can be used as part of a powerful intelligence-gathering “GeoApp.” His demo includes several different applications that are just now catching on in the geospatial community. Click here to view Bobby’s short video description of how Adobe applications work in harmony as a stream-lined geospatial mashup.  The technology used here is as follows...
  • GeoPDF
  • Flex / Flash ( time-line scrubber bar tool & patrol activity report)
  • Adobe Connect for real-time collaboration
  • LiveCycle Reader Extension
  • LiveCycle Rights Management 
  • Flex & Adobe AIR ( Document Search & Report builder )
How do you envision an Adobe/TerraGo solution working in your organization?

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