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Monday, August 11, 2008

Map2PDF Advanced Features

As per last week's Press Release, the GeoPDF can now be imported back in to ArcGIS! This functionality is in addition to the advanced Export Configuration options and the new global Preference Editor.
  • Dynamically select which layers are going to be exported and then choose what Feature Attributes are going to be converted in to PDF Object Data.
  • Configure the Properties for the GeoPDF in ArcGIS for use as a base map for raster data or as an addition to your vector data set. Annotations created in the GeoPDF can also be imported and inspected in ArcGIS.
Refer to an earlier post about how to maintain full resolution for your raster data out of ArcGIS. Additional functionality in this release of Map2PDF for ArcGIS includes preserving hyperlinks, scale dependent rendering and better compression than in previous versions.

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