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Friday, August 01, 2008

SpatiaLite Google Group

I posted something on SpatiaLite earlier this week and the web traffic specific to this technology has been huge. This made it very apparent that there is a lot of interest (from around the world) for a light weight, multi-platform spatial database engine. After a bit of investigating I came to the conclusion that there is no mailing list or forum group specifically for SpatiaLite so I started one using Google Groups.

Hopefully this will spark more community response to this cool database technology! I would love to see it become more popular and maybe even as a rudimentary exchange format for vector data????

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Adam,

Is this a RDMS that can be used to pass data to and/or from a GeoPDF using Java scripting? Can you click on a GeoPDF with the GeoTool and pass the coordinates to a table to be saved, or can you pass data from a table to autopopulate a PDF form and/or GeoPDF, for example? Is this what you will be using in your GeoPDF Mobile package for data management? If not, what will be used?


7:00 PM EDT

Blogger Adam Estrada said...


Adobe Javascript allows you to connection to most ODBC's. GeoJavaScript uses the same Javascript model that Adobe uses... ;)

The main advantage to SpatiaLite is that you are able to query the Geometry rather than 4 fields that contain coordinates (ULX, ULY, LRX, LRY). The kicker is that this is still an Open Source project and with that comes a lot of testing before getting all the bits and pieces completely integrated in to any COTS product. Starting this Google Group is my attempt at working towards a bigger and better OS project!


7:32 PM EDT

Anonymous MarkB said...

I've definitely contributed my fair share to this traffic increase. After a day or two of research, it appears to be a perfect match for several of my projects. The only major thing missing was a central place to share user experiences; hopefully this Google Group will fulfill that need. Thanks for getting that going.

I think that its potential far exceeds a "rudimentary exchange format". People are craving for an open 'geodatabase', the ingredients have been mixed and are cookin' in this oven (it smells so good I can almost taste it). Will it finally put the database into geodatabase, like the ESRI PGDB & FGDB never did (e.g. a where clause definition query doesn't constitute SQL & what about Spatial SQL), I hope so. I realize it still has to finish cooking, and will likely need frosting & candles, but I'm licking the batter as I type this.

So who will be the first one with direct connect viewing and editing (maybe even multiuser, gods forbid), including both tables and just as importantly views (obviously some editing limitations)? And who will also support multiple geometry fields per table/view and fully functional definition query SQL? And who will extend there support as SQLite base functions are enhanced? Serve me up a piece of that cake.

Thanks for posting Adam.

1:34 PM EDT

Blogger Adam Estrada said...

I am glad to see someone as enthusiastic as I am about SpatiaLite! Hopefully GIS'ers out there will use the Group to help launch the widespread use of the technology. I would personally love to see more robust querying capabilities within the PDF environment so I am very much going to keep on this.


5:13 PM EDT


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