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Thursday, July 17, 2008

ERDAS Image Web Server

Do you own large amounts of raster data? The ERDAS Image Web Server is a COTS solution that easily allows your organization to quickly integrate raster data in to your GIS. ESRI has a similar solution in the ArcGIS Image Server but wouldn't it be more adventageous to manage your raster data through a product whos main focus is the speedy delivery of large volumes of raster data? There are pros and cons to both products I'm sure...for example, both applications provide a way to extend the core functionality. ESRI gives you an API (more than likely through ArcObject programming) while ERDAS gives you the Image Integration Framework. I would be really interested to see a side by side comparison for both!!! NOTE: Leica (now ERDAS) acquired ERMapper last year.


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Anonymous Dave Bouwman said...

fyi - Image Server was build solely for raster processing / management. ESRI bought "PromptServer" ( , and re-branded it as "Image Server". From the beginning it was designed as a raster processing engine that would facilitate on the fly creation of derived products directly from source rasters.

Also the API is C, and (at least to 9.2) had nothing to do with ArcObjects.



11:04 AM EDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have the ER Mapper Image Server logo in your post - which is not the same as the ERDAS Image Server product....but at least the image links to ERDAS...

1:54 PM EDT

Blogger Adam Estrada said...

You're right! There is the ERDAS Image Manager and then what I mentioned which is the Image Web Server. Leica (now ERDAS again) acquired ERMapper last year...


2:14 PM EDT

Anonymous Paul Bissett said...


if you are looking for side-by-side comparison of raster cataloging, customizing, and delivery servers, have you seen the WeoGeo Server.

Not only does it efficiently manage your enterprise raster content (and soon to be vector, See Safe Software/WeoGeo Press Release) but it also connects directly with the WeoGeo Market.


7:41 PM EDT

Blogger Adam Estrada said...

Thanks Paul! I have been hearing a lot of good things about WeoGeo. Are you ever going to get in to the webinar business so that we can see first hand what it's all about?


8:56 AM EDT

Anonymous Paul Bissett said...

Hi Adam,

Webinar - we hope to. Our tech evangelist (Dan Dye) is running flat out right now with conferences and trade shows. Hopefully we can put one together later this summer.


2:13 PM EDT

Blogger Adam Estrada said...

We will be anxiously waiting for your webinar series! Have you guys considered GeoPDF as an output format option? ;)


2:36 PM EDT


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