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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Quick Interactive Flash Map!

I have been experimenting with FLEX and MXML and have come up with a pretty quick way to compile an Actionscript or other javascript to be placed in any website or blog.
  1. Download the FLEX SDK
  2. Create your MXML File. I copied some code from the Yahoo Maps! website and pasted it in to the CDATA tags in my MXML file. Don't forget to download the swc file from Yahoo to link against in your build!
  3. Compile your SWF and plug it in to a website or PDF (Now available with Acrobat 9.0). To learn more about compiling the code, check out this link.

Now that I have my swf file, I can plug this in to a website or blog, I can embed it in to a document to use as a quick reference, or convert it to an AIR app and deploy it to run on my desktop. All of this was done in less than 10 minutes!

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Blogger Adam Estrada said...

Sorry for the re-post, but I came across an issue with posting Flash Content directly in a Web Browser and had to correct it. I am a FireFox user and therefore missed it in Internet Explorer. If you are interested in how to successfully post Flash content in a web page without any hiccups, check out the link below.


12:24 PM EDT


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