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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Integration through GeoJavascript

There is a little known piece of technology that TerraGo created a few years ago called GeoJavascript. This javascript API extends the functionality of Adobe's client-side scripting API to work with the GeoPDF. There are several methods that are currently supported which will allow the end user to get coordinate information, zoom to a specific location, draw routes, connect to a database through ODBC, etc...I will include the full list at the end of this post.

I took the opportunity to post an example GeoPDF with GeoJavascript to my account at This has proven to be an excellent way to disseminate this map of the Atlanta area. Please download the map from this Flash plug-in and open the bookmark section to gain access to all the pre-defined functionality.

Select the "Menu" option in at the top of the embedded viewer and download the full GeoPDF. The full user guide for GeoJavascript can be found by clicking here!

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Blogger Adam Estrada said...

This is a blurb from Adobe's website about using javascript within their environment

One of the easiest and most powerful ways to customize PDF files is by using JavaScript. Based on JavaScript version 1.5 of ISO-16262 (formerly known as ECMAScript), JavaScript in Adobe® Acrobat® software implements objects, methods, and properties that enable you to manipulate PDF files, produce database-driven PDF files, modify the appearance of PDF files, and much more. You can tie Acrobat JavaScript code to a specific PDF document, a page, field, or button within that document, or a field or button within the PDF file, and even to a user action.

JavaScript is particularly useful for XML forms. JavaScript enables automated forms handling, Web and database communication, commenting, and user-interface capabilities. PDF files created with Acrobat and Adobe LiveCycle tools allow data to be extracted as XML into custom schemas. Applications written in Java and other languages easily integrate Acrobat with Web services using Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP).

With Acrobat 7, there have been extensive improvements to the JavaScript functionality. There is now support for multimedia, improved printing control, controlling layers, 3D support, and more.

1:12 PM EDT

Blogger Adam Estrada said...

GeoJavascript can now be found on Wikipedia!!!

10:25 AM EDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does TerraGo plan to develop and release new tools in the free GeoPDF Toolbar that implement the GeoJavaScript functions? You could "lock" them by default, and your paying customers could "unlock" or "enable" them on a document basis.

Hopefully it's just me and a lot of bad luck, but with respect, I can't get aything on this blog to function as Adam says it should. Again, it could be me, so all you others out there please come to Adam's defense and tell me how you successfully developed tools using GeoJavaScript, or anything else in a GeoPDF for that matter. Nothing I have attempted on this blog works...the Google Earth It option doesn't work and its blog discussion was dropped, the GeoTagging photos doesn't work, the 3D model blog page crashes my computer, and that flash page with the GeoPDF/geojavascript sample download doesn't function right either. Oh well!

5:13 PM EDT

Blogger Adam Estrada said...

Would it be possible for you to email me your contact information? I need to assess your system information to see what is going on...Please email


7:03 PM EDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sure, Adam, I can email you...thanks for your offer to help. Meanwhile though, I have asked several questions above and in the "Google Earth It" discussion you have removed from your blog, unaffected by whether or not you know my system information, that I am sure the general public and your customers would like to see answers to. Thanks!

12:25 PM EDT

Blogger Adam Estrada said...

I have not abandoned that other post by any means. We are trying to figure out what might be the issue here and I think that I may know the answer! Please download the latest and greatest version of the GeoPDF Toolbar.

There was a patch that was released a while back that enabled GeoJavascript in Reader. This may be the issue...Please try and post back your findings.


12:33 PM EDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...


I have the "latest and greatest" toolbar installed. Using your script for Google Earth It, if I go in and edit the document script, I can get it to appear and function in a non-reader and non-geomark enabled geopdf. I cannot get it to work from the folder-level .js file at all, and it will not work with a reader and geomark enabled document because these documents do not even allow editing of document javascripts. And of course it only works in Acrobat. So I can't wait to get some documentation on all of this GeoJavaScripting! Thanks

7:07 PM EDT

Blogger Adam Estrada said...

You got this working which is a win and winning is half the battle! We fully plan on making this scripting technology more widespread and easier to use so like I mentioned in a different post, be prepared for more and much better documentation.


9:57 AM EDT


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