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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Ray Caputo's Article on GeoPDF

One of the things about the current state of affairs at My Fair Startup is that everything is so tight lipped that I can't talk about anything, which makes for slow traffic at ye olde blogge. Fortunately, TEC's Ray Caputo has stepped up with his article Acrobatic Mapping. Lots of juicy tidbits! Here is some good between the lines stuff:

GeoPDF files can be sent to all kinds of field personnel, from engineers on the scene of natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina to soldiers in the field who can utilize Adobe Reader to manipulate the maps. No special training is required, and most computers come with a reader already installed. So a simple, free plug-in from TerraGo is the only requirement for command chain users to view the GeoPDF map. Files are small and nimble, yet are embedded with powerful capabilities that allow engineers to work in connected or disconnected modes.

As well:

Given all of this, we began the Army GeoPDF project, which is now ongoing. We contacted Headquarters Marines to let them know what we were up to, and they jumped on board. We are now able to easily create products using the data we have and deliver that information up and down the command chain in a familiar file format that works with a viewer already loaded on their computer.

Ray's got more GeoPDF goodness on ESRI's website: Army Use of GeoPDF for Demand-Based Replication and Dissemination.

Thanks, Ray!


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