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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

GeoPDF Road Show

TerraGo is sending folks on the road to show off GeoPDF. We don't see to have a nice neat link to point you at, so you have can either go to TerraGo homepage and click on the road show link, or enjoy this direct link. I will, however, hook you up with sites and dates:
Miami16 September
Baltimore16 September
Salt Lake16 September
Orlando18 September
Philadelphia18 September
Los Angeles23 September
Albany23 September
San Diego24 September
Boston24 September
New York City24 September
Sacramento26 September
Portland06 November
Fairfax06 November
Atlanta07 November
Tacoma07 November
Raleigh/Durham08 November
Anchorage09 November
Washington DC13 November
Denver13 November
Houston13 November
Las Vegas15 November
Austin15 November
Kansas City27 November
St. Louis29 November
Phoenix30 November
Tucson30 November

I'm off to see if we can't get a permanent link, and to see if the stash space has been restored... Done!


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