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Friday, May 01, 2009

OGC Publishes GeoPDF 2.2 as OGC Best Practice

After much anticipation, GeoPDF 2.2 has been published as an OGC Best Practice. From the page:

The intended audience of this document is a developer of software for creating GeoPDF. It specifies how to create the necessary PDF objects that identify a region of the PDF page as a map and describe the map’s coordinate systems. Map creation and rendering to a PDF page are not addressed. The underlying PDF file format is not addressed. The file format is specified in PDF Reference .
The reader will need knowledge of PDF objects and document structure. An understanding of cartographic projections and datums will also be helpful. Information about these can be found in Map Projections A Working Manual .
Though written with the PDF 1.7 file format in mind, this Best Practice is believed to be valid for all versions of the PDF file specification prior to PDF 1.7.


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