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Friday, March 18, 2005

Lat/Lon to UTM with Python

Russ Nelson has announced the release fo some nifty Python hacks for converting between Lat/Lon and UTM. This is part of the core of his Python GIS package.


Blogger Tom said...

I'm not sure that that code works properly.
The LL to UTM to LL conversion is not identity.

10:04 AM EDT

Blogger George Demmy said...

Hi Tom,

I haven't looked at the code in a long time and I'm not the maintainer. However, it's not terribly surprising that you might not get what you started with by doing a projection followed with an inverse projection. Inverse projection solutions are often iterative and will converge on some number that is on identically equal to that used for input to the original projection.

Further, IIRC, there were other issues with the Python code related to hard-coded or limited options for ellipsoid, etc. Again, I haven't looked at that stuff in five years! Use at your own risk!



3:24 PM EDT


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