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Friday, March 11, 2005

Toughbook + Plugin = Cool Hack

Rich at Mapping Hacks said this:

One of the more interesting bits of information from that post is that Toughbooks are available on ebay for $150. Those are great computers. I remember Matt Westervelt and Terry talking about their Toughbook fights when we were at Etech in 2002...any computer you can fight with is 'da bomb.'

in reference to a hack that Larry, one of our guys at LGI came up with for bass fishing:

  1. Get Toughbook on ebay for $150

  2. Get Acrobat and GeoPDF plugin

  3. Connect Toughbook to GPS

  4. Georegister chart

  5. Go fishing

  6. Put annotations on all the sweet spots

  7. Profit

No wonder Larry went on vacation after we shipped...


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