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Monday, April 30, 2007

USGS Slings the GeoPDF

Dag, no one tells me anything! The USGS went live with their Map Locator and Downloader at the USGS Store. I had seen a test version of this a while back, and have been chomping to see it go online. Closer... closer...

UPDATE: New link for Locator...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

TerraGo needs to use some better servers. The downloads are super slow. Also, why does it default to downloading the GeoPDF for Acrobat, rather than the free GeoPDF toolbar? Interesting product, but implementation needs to be much improved.

9:29 AM EDT

Blogger George Demmy said...


Thanks for the heads up about the servers, and your take on whether GeoPDF Toolbar should be downloaded in preference to Map2PDF. I'll push those comments and observations up the food chain.

As for implementation, I feel your pain.. Again, I'll be sure to push your views up the food chain. I have a pretty fair idea about the particulars of what you mean, but please feel free to elaborate. What would you like to see improved, included, and how do you envision you or friends using GeoPDF Toolbar? Blue sky comments and musings welcome.

10:07 AM EDT

Blogger Glenn (The "GISuser guy") said...

I think its a great way to empower users with free data. The Google maps UI is really cool too and makes accessing the GeoPDFs fast and easy. FYI, I featured a detailed update on this for our readers last week.. hope they enjoyed hearing about it! See


10:41 AM EDT


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