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Friday, July 17, 2009

Getting Geospatial With Acrobat

Tomas Lopes is putting on webinar about using Acrobat in geospatial contexts. From the abstract:

Join Tomas Lopes, a geospatial database specialist at Farallon Geographics, on Wednesday, July 22, as he demonstrates how easy it is for GIS professionals to facilitate data maintenance workflow for individuals in the field by using Acrobat 9 with professional desktop GIS software. Combining traditional GIS software with Acrobat 9 is proving to be a fast and cost-effective way to create content that is easy to use in the field and easy to maintain in the office.

I'm going to be answering questions during Q&A. I actually have no idea about the details of the webinar beyond what's written on announcement on Acrobat User's, so I'm curious to see how it goes.


Blogger Tomas said...

Hello George,
My name is Tomas Lopes and I will be hosting the above Webinar this Wednesday. After reading your post I wanted to give you a little more insight as to what will be covered. I am simply going over the workflow for creating Spatially enabled PDF documents so folks in the field can mark them up with edits and return to the office. Then I will show how easy it is for GIS professionals to roll these revisions into the enterprise. I will be presenting from strictly a workflow point of view and wont be showcasing all of the fantastic functionality that is packed into these technologies. Hope this helps to give you a little more clarification on what will be covered in the webinar.

11:36 AM EDT

Blogger George Demmy said...

Hi Tom,

I'm looking forward to the webinar. What you're proposing is exactly what people need to see, IMO. Thanks for the update. Until Wednesday!


8:11 AM EDT


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