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Thursday, May 10, 2007

If Reader were a Country...

Over a Fantom Planet, you'll find the following posted:

Michael Jones, the CTO of Google, noted that GE’s user base is approximately the tenth most populated country coming in with 200,000,000 users in the world in his keynote. Today we also learned that about 8 million of those users are Dutch. But an interesting point to bring out of left field is: if GE is the world’s tenth largest country, what is Adobe Reader?

GeoPDF Evangelist Phil Lee feeds me numbers that lead me to believe there are somewhere between a half billion and three-quarters of a billion seats of Reader. That would put it ahead of US (301M) the EU (461M) (not a country, exactly), and just behind number 2 India (1130M).

Source: CIA World Factbook Population Rank Order


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