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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

SpatiaLite 2.2 Release Update

In light of some recent comments on this blog about the direction TerraGo is heading with its product line, I thought it would only be fitting to announce the latest release of SpatiaLite.  I have posted about SpatiaLite before and it was very well received which makes it apparent that this is a highly desirable database technology in our industry.  
2.2 is the current stable release supporting:
  • full UTF-8 SQLite internal data storage and locale charsets for input and output
  • a GUI tool supporting DB management in an user friendly way
  • PROJ.4 latest version (4.6.1), this including an updated EPSG dataset
  • SQLite's latest version (3.6.2) implementing the definitive R*Tree Spatial Index
  • an alternative Spatial Index implementation using MBR caching
  • added the new Virtual Table module VirtualText supporting direct SQL access to CSV and TxtTab files
There is a Google Group that has been been created to use for public support and announcements related to this project.  You can find this group here and I encourage everyone to participate...

What can this technology do for you?  We've seen basic attribute queries in other software applications but imagine taking enterprise-level spatial query capabilities to your desktop in a completely redistributable package (aka. single GeoPDF).  Given the nature of the SQLite engine, the data publisher (YOU!) will be able to package multi-source data layers in a single file and then import/export as needed.  

Thanks again to Alessandro for continuing development on the SpatiaLite project...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice project... find with gv_sig post..
Since it can attach shp do you know if a project is underway to also attach or convert file geodatabase since with esri now the filegeodatabase is the most use way of storing data....

12:01 PM EST

Blogger Adam Estrada said...

I would suspect that this functionality will be added in the near future. GDAL/OGR has adapted SpatiaLite geom type in to its SQLite driver so through OGR we can go from FGDB to SpatiaLite. Please visit the Google Group created to learn more about the direction of this project.

12:07 PM EST


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