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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

TerraGo Submits GeoPDF Spec. to OGC

From a current press release:
“Today’s announcement further demonstrates our commitment to meeting the needs of our customers who require software solutions that leverage open standards,” said Patrick Graves, chief software architect at TerraGo Technologies. “By opening the GeoPDF specification through the OGC, the large number of maps and images that have been published in GeoPDF format by our customers can now be accessed by the entire geospatial community.”

TerraGo software solutions enable peer-to-peer and enterprise collaboration among non GIS-professionals who need geospatial information to make better decisions, respond faster and be more productive. TerraGo customers can extend map, imagery and attribute data to virtually any user, making geospatial application available via the Web, mobile device or desktop. More than 250,000 users leverage the TerraGo Toolbar, and hundreds of terabytes of data are available in GeoPDF format.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...


Would this mean that the format will be open and described so one could, eventualy, write/export a dataset into GeoPDF ?

7:40 AM EDT

Blogger Adam Estrada said...

It would indeed...

7:59 AM EDT


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