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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

GeoServer and GeoPDF

Earlier today, Dave Gura forwarded me a pretty interesting website that takes full advantage of both GeoServer and the GeoPDF file format.  This website, hosted and maintained by the University of Wisconsin Department of Soil Science and the NRCS, is a great example of how to get a lot of valuable data out to a large audience.  More importantly, because the data is published to the GeoPDF format the end user can download and take with them any or all of the tiles they are interested in working with.  Click here to jump over to this web mapping application.  

There are many ways to publish your spatial data!  I have mentioned before that with TerraGo's suite of tools, you are able to index and publish your data directly on a web server like the NRCS did with the University of Wisconsin. From there you can access it through something like GeoServer or a medium as simple as KML like you see below...

I have grown quite fond of the "KML" method and see great potential as a way for those folks with a lot of data to get it out to those who need it.  I guess the question is, are your users  (who have no clue what GIS, KML, GeoServer, Google Earth, etc.)  going to know what to do with a KML file and the data it references?

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