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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

BrightKite and Emergency Response

I've mentioned before how Twitter is being used to send out updates based on live events from the field that anyone in the world can access. With that said, posting a comment with pictures (and other media) along with a location is an emerging pheonomenon on the web known specifically as a Location Based Service (LBS). There are many of these LBSs to choose from but the one that has really caught my attention is called BrightKite. This small startup out of Colorado enables users from anywhere to "check in" to a location and then share their experience with other users in the same general area. Moreover, it allows you to create a private friends list which keeps you in touch with people who might have similar interests (like a group of first responders during a major natural disaster!). They also feature the BrightKite Wall which is a  utility that broadcasts what is going on with your list of BrightKite buddies through a simple flash-based interface. This is a cool feature but I don't have enough buddies setup to see any kind of real action. There are literally dozens of applications for this technology and I would encourage everyone to check it out...How can your company use a Location Base Service like BrightKite? I would love to hear from you!

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