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Friday, December 12, 2008

Landsat Archive to GeoPDF?

Jesse mentioned again that the entire Landsat data archive is now available to download FOR FREE! This really opens a lot of doors to those of you who require this moderate resolution data type that has been so successful all over the world for the past 35+ years.  

But, what if you don't have a buly image processing application like IMAGINE, PCI, or ENVI and still need to work with these data on your desktop?  The PDF file format certainly bridges that gap!  

Adobe has published that there are something like 750,000,000+ desktops with the free Adobe Reader on them!  That is more desktops than there are Windows operating systems, right?  If not more, it's certainly close!  Anyway, I noted in previous posts that we now have the ability to create a single GeoPDF file that contains all or selected image bands from the source file.  Imagine having everything you need from the input data source stored in a single document.  With the inherent compression of the PDF format I have been able to get a 140meg file down to less than 10 megs!  Moreover, imagine a single file that contains Landsat imagery from several different dates!  What about a single PDF file that has a Landsat scene with all 7 bands as one layer, a Leica ADS80 image from the same spatial extent as another layer and then one of the free USGS topographic maps ALL IN THE SAME PDF!  Wow!  Several image sources stored in a single file that can be sent through fire walls and network filters as a single document is already of great benefit to folks all over the world!  Coupled with the free GeoPDF toolbar, the analysis that can be done on image data in a single document is tremendous... 

Landsat 7 courtesy of NASA

I hope those of you out there who are using Landsat data can see the true value of working with remotely sensed data in the GeoPDF format...

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