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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Placemark Balloon Enhancement in GE 5.0

Many of you may have noticed that the KML generated from your application does not properly reference any placemark balloon attachments when viewed in Google Earth. This is because those attachments are referenced with a local file path rather than a valid URL that Google Earth is looking for. There used to be a gross work around to get those attached files to display properly which involved web servers and modifications to the KML itself. No More! Google Earth 5.0 added a provision to accept local file paths so now all referenced files in the KML will work regardless of whether or not they are on a web server!

To enable this functionality, download Google Earth 5.0 and then go to Tools --> Options --> General tab and check the box that says “Allow placemark balloons to access local files and personal data.”

I understand that Google Earth is more of a wiz-bang visualization utility than an actual geospatial analysis tool but darn it, people use it! This small modification now offers the KML from 3rd party applications whos users don't always have the ability to place their data web server a chance for tighter integration...

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Blogger John said...

How do I take a directory full of GeoPDF's and create a KML file to display them in Google Earth?

6:42 PM EDT

Blogger George Demmy said...

If you have Map2PDF for Acrobat (recently rebranded Composer for Acrobat), you can create a map book and have KML created as a side effect of that process. Otherwise, you'll have to write software to parse the geospatial payload in the PDF file to create the KML. This will require coordinate conversion, since (AFAIK) GE only groks WGS84 longitude/latitudes...

8:53 AM EDT


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