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Friday, February 06, 2009

Who does geospatial PDF?

I know that Adobe, ESRI, Safe, and Cadcorp all roll their own geospatial PDF files using Adobe's geospatial PDF extensions. Let me know if you or some one you know does as well.

Adobe groks GeoPDF.

Today GeoPDF files are created from software from TerraGo (naturally!), Adobe, ESRI,Cadcorp, ERDAS, Intergraph, and BAE Systems.

GeoPDF files are consumed by software from TerraGo (naturally!), Adobe, and ESRI.

Since we support Adobe's geospatial PDF extensions and are going to use them under the hood moving forward, the distinction between the georegistration techniques from an us-v-them perspective are, more or less, moot.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Avenza Systems offers geospatial PDF authoring support for Adobe Illustrator via its MAPublisher product and will soon offer similar geospatial PDF authoring capabilities for Adobe Photoshop via its Geographic Imager product.
See for more information

5:46 PM EDT

Blogger George Demmy said...

MAPublisher is a wonderful application. It appeals to me at a fundamental level: maps should be beautiful. They have cracked this nut and people should buy this plugin to Illustrator early and often. IMHO.

9:10 PM EDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

More news on geospatial pdf ......
Avenza ( is just about to release a geospatial PDF app for iOS. This means that pdf maps and images that are referenced can be used on iPhones and iPads locally, meaning without an internet connection and still get the full benefit of the GPS.

Stuck in the middle of a national park without a cell connection? No problem with a geospatial PDF map.

Traveling to Europe and don't want to pay the high data roaming fees to use streaming map services? No problem with a geospatial PDF map.

Don't like the bland and undetailed Google maps? No problem with a geospatial PDF map as you can simply download the map you want, like a specific tourist map or a special purpose hiking or outdoorsy map.

Check for it on the iTunes App Store sometime in August.

1:35 PM EDT

Blogger George Demmy said...

Hmm... Anonymous, your writing style is, er, distinctive. You should consider a career in marcom! ;) I played around with a beta copy of the Avenza viewer on iPad at the ESRI IUC. It's nice! Have y'all decided whether you are going to charge for it? If so, how much? I'm sure it will sell like hotcakes! Good luck, and I do mean that earnestly. The world needs more beautiful maps and ways to use them, and Avenza helps on both accounts.

1:57 PM EDT


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