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Thursday, February 05, 2009

OGC Approves GeoPDF 2.2 as OGC Best Practice

GeoPDF 2.2 OGC 08-139r1 was approved as OGC Best Practice. Personally, I think that the use of GeoPDF was unfortunate, for various reasons, but I'm happy to see the georegistration technique published. If you'd like to roll-your-own geospatial PDF, I'd recommend using Adobe's proposed geospatial extensions to ISO 32000. Our software supports this georegistration technique, and we're already moving in that direction.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In particular, you will find details in section 8.8.1 of this document:
under Interactive Features --> Geospatial Features.

5:38 PM EST

Blogger George Demmy said...

Update:The OGC has posted the best practice on their best practice page.

9:14 AM EDT


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